I hate my boss…She is me

Working for yourself is the WORST.  I hate my boss. : P.  I am not inherently a self starter and I don’t like working (I am really lazy).  So I find it hard to motivate myself.  One of those inspirational posters, only instead of Determination, it says, STARVATION – You’re gonna do it, if you don’t get off your tail.



Working on my night cheese…

A la Liz Lemon, I work weird hours at a new job.  I am stuck in an office by myself.  It is gross and creepy.  However, my co-workers are very close by so I am not in any danger.  I can yell out my door and there they are.  Still boring, though.  I read a lot of weird books and I’m catching up on all seasons of The Boondocks and Adventure Time.  Fun, huh?  (It’s not)


I realize that this is a website for people to rant about their bosses, but Imma take this opportunity to rant about a job.  People who work for spammers/program bots?  You are lower than shit.  Don’t add this blog, and don’t spam my site.  I personally go into this thing every day, and I WILL delete you.  So, to sum up spammers/those who bot for a living.  Eat a dick.  And stay off my blog.  To legitimate users, rant away…I hate your boss, too.


I like being unemployed. But on the other hand, I’m unemployed. I have no money. I watch Big Bang Theory and Community repeats all morning. Whatever. At least I don’t have to answer to some ugly old bag who is running out the clock till they can do the same thing as they creep towards dotage.

Dumping Co-Workers

Every once in a while, you end up working with someone you hate.  This gal was ugly, short, ugly (like, REALLY ugly), and had a voice like a donkey crossed with a chainsaw.  She was also an ACTRESS (no, not a typo, she was/is).  I FINALLY got the stones to dump her out of my life, and now have found out that she is actually getting some traction as an actress.

Me dumping people is almost like a seal of approval.  When I can’t handle them any more, that’s when they blow up.  FUCK!  Nothing good will ever happen to me, I feel.  I WISH sometimes these fucknuts would dump me, but they won’t, no matter how rude and vicious I am to them.  They won’t take the hint, and then I’m the asshole.

Am I jealous?  Not really.  I just wish I had better timing.


Does anything happen in February?  Everyone is so blah.  We are all just trying to pay down credit card debt from Christmas and run out the clock till spring fever hits.  And bar patios open.  And everyone sits outside and gets shitfaced instead of hunkering down inside and getting shitfaced.  Either way, getting shitfaced seems to be the cure for everything.  I honestly think businesses should shut down for January because nobody does anything anyway and everyone hates leaving the house because it’s freezing f-ing cold.  We should be like Europe and just give people paid leave.  Sure, their national economies are melting at the speed of sound (I’m looking at you, Greece), but they are well rested, and good at sports.  That counts for something, doesn’t it?


Not gonna lie.  It’s the holidays, and I am SOOOOOO tired.  Threw my back out from the job where I had to cover for the boss, and was out of commish for 6 weeks.  Now that the pain is gone, I can’t move/get out of bed/function like a human being.  Just in time for the holidays.  Thank GOD I’m working from home and don’t have aggressively merry people to deal with (though I could totes handle a drunken office party).  I have a scary party tonight, where everyone will side-eye and be all judgy, but does that count?  Nope.  Why?  Cause I can’t really get my drink on because party will be chock full of potential bosses.  Bah.  They suck.  I need to get sauced.

Oy, a confessional.

I have a “boss” who I work with occasionally.  She’s useless, old, and I end up doing half her work for her.  She drives me crazy, and she’s insane.  Yet, the boss above her sticks his head in the sand and ignores everything.  Why?  Why can’t he see how utterly utterly useless she is?  The big problem?  I INTRODUCED THEM.  Yes, I have only myself to blame.

Gossip gossip gossip

Do you gossip? I try not to. I like people or I don’t. If I don’t like someone, I feel no need to bitch behind their back. I am PERFECTLY happy to tell them to their face. I also hate when people say stuff you haven’t said. Like, literally make shit up. But there is nothing to be done about this, is there?